[focus_text_nd color=”blue” title=”Global English should be your first preference if you would like to be trained ECONOMICALLY with a “TAILOR MADE” training program which is exclusively prepared for you and allows you to avoid traffic jam.”]



We make our plans EXCLUSIVELY for you or for your corporate.We plan our English training schedule according to your level and in short time we make you speak fluently on your job.



Training place :

You can get the training classes at our training center or at your corporate offices.By having trainings at your offices,you will be able to eliminate the risk of losing time on road or at traffic jam.



Demo Training;

We definitely prefer to give a FREE DEMO training before starting training classes and determine  your or your Closed Group’s level.We exclusively plan according to you and to your Corporate by giving importance to every detail.



The number of person in the group;

The Group can be consisted of at least 2 people and at most 10 people.




The more people are in the group,the more economic is the cost of the training.




They are free of charge. Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and Global English materials are used.



Time period;

We determine a time period and a plan according to performance shown after the demo training.*Please check our Table for Level Grouping.




When we do the grouping we care about the levels of attendants,demo training performances and the number of people in the group budgetized by the corporate and the groups are divided into groups with at least 2 people and at most 10 people.*Please check our Table for Level Grouping.



Monthly Reporting;

For each participant,a monthly report such as the attached document is prepared by his/her trainer and sent for your attention.


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[focus_title_nd color=”green” title=”Incorporate One-To-One Trainings and Senior Executive Training “]



For executive trainings,we give  EXCLUSIVELY PLANNED TRAININGS to meet needs.We make seperate plans for each executives.




We plan according to executive’s performance shown after the demo training and according to his/her needs.



Training day and hours;

Training days and hours are planned according to executive’s business schedule and are flexible.



Training Place;  

The trainings are given at our center or at Executive’s office.If needed,the trainings can take place at executive’s house or somewhere outside.



Cancellation and compensation;  

The cancellation of trainings caused by health issues ,travelling and urgent meetings should be done by phone calls or by emails. The cancellation should be done no later than 6 hours before the traininig.



Training Time;

It depends on the starting level and the performance shown at demo training.One-to-one trainings are completed faster than group trainings.




All materials are determined according to group specifications and are given for free of charge.Special materials requested by participants can be supplied from abroad.



Traning day and hours;

The traning day and hours are determined by Corporate Executives and all plannings are prepared according to your corporate.




Before you start trainings,as our trainings are adult and business life oriented,oral or written tests may be applied to participants to determine their levels upon request.



What is Demo Training?

Demo Training is a sample training to be given to Corporate .


LEVELS below;