Our target is to make Businessmen and Professionals in the business world, who are very busy and do not have enough time, speak English in the shortest time possible by Business and General English  trainings ,based heavily on practice given by  Foreing Training Consultants and Trainers at their corporate offices, without losing time in the traffic jam.


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Global English is very proud to be determined on below mentioned issues :

  • Working restlessly and devotedly as Foreign Global Team
  • Acting  with honesty,openness and as target oriented
  • Making the Turkish Businessman’s, who are working in the Global market,dream of speaking English come true
  • By supplying all innovative Oxford ve Cambridge University materials ,we ensure our students that they take International Language Training




The secret of our success is to ,without using the classic exam and with the help of innovative solutions, determine our trainee’s levels and needs by being in cooperation with them,to create solutions special to each trainee in order to make them reach their highest potential regarding English speaking,to create an area filled with happiness and positive energy in which our trainers can motivate and care each of our trainees during this hard training programe .In this century,we make corporates realize the high potential they have inside but can not reach without English communication and cooperation.For professionals whose only problem is to not to speak English,we have created a cooperation environment in which we can help them to increase the number of their customers and help them to grow day by day with the help of English trainings.This is the SECRET OF OUR SUCCESS.



Before starting the trainings and to be target and need oriented,all our team work together to determine a personal net path,to meet their need to practice foreign language with SPEAK ENGLISH ON THE PHONE in order to accomplish great things,to give them language support necessary for their foreign trade operations.We completely fulfill our professional liabilities within our own corporate .We have created a unique culture at the highest standards, based on love,trust and sincerity.



We,not only  bring the service to our trainees’ corporates,but also we bring Foreing Training with Foreign Trainers as well. Thanks to ONE-TO-ONE training given by Foreing Trainers only ,based heavily on practice ,you both learn and practice at the same time.As the global work force requires speaking ,your corporate can become a global company by establishing direct dialog with your customers.Our Foreign Trainers ,our Quality Management staff ,our PERSON ORIENTED WORK PRINCIPLE and feedbacks from our trainees after each training help us to generate motivation for you,to work target oriented,to follow all changing needs constantly.



We keep working with  Oxford and Cambridge University Language Training Publishing ,we are solution partners.We make no concessions on quality as we grow bigger with connections of those corporates. It is definitely forbidden to use sources found on internet or prepared personally by our trainers. Your trainings are given with the most qualified ,up-to-date materials ,prepared by Oxford and Cambridge University professors.




We work passionately for our trainees’ trainings and see each of them as a different problem-solution issue seperately.We are already aware that our success depends on their success and we do not leave this up to chance. Defining the language ability before starting trainings ,understanding their requests and proceeding by meeting their changing needs day by day are the main points carrying us to success. The only reason why we reassure our trainees of %100 English speaking ability with ONE-TO-ONE TRAINING is that we start trainings with detailed and result oriented PRE-STUDIES.